1984 Rickenbacker 350 in Jetglo 

1984 Rickenbacker 350 in Jetglo. 
Original 350 – extremely hard to find in the UK. 
Made in USA 
Code R35084 
Price - £ 2250.00 
This is an original and iconic Rickenbacker 350 – not a reissue 350V63 – and is a full scale version of the three pickup 325 as it would have been produced in 1963 had it been in production in that form. 
A fantastic guitar, this chord machine is the more playable full scale version of the instrument which made some of the greatest music of 1960s. 
Rickenbackers helped to define the taste of a generation and, for sheer out of the blue inspiration and multitude of tones and chimes, you have the jingle jangle of the most distinctive and versatile guitars in the whole of the pop and rock cannon. The build quality is simply breathtaking – and you can do anything with this Rickenbacker. Anything. The sound of this beautiful guitar is wholly original and nearly impossible to reproduce on another instrument. 
These wonderful guitars are as aspirational (and inspirational) now as they were back in the 1960s – and if you can find an original 350 in the UK these days you will be doing well. The waiting list for a reproduction is getting on for 2 years – but they don’t make these originals anymore. 
Our 350 is well into her fourth decade. This is a vintage instrument which delivers a truly jaw dropping period sound. Guitars get used to being played – and you simply cannot replicate the incredible unique sound and tones you will obtain from the mature wood. This wonderful Rick feels and sounds just incredible. 
A vintage instrument, she has one or two minor imperfections and grazes as you would expect from a working instrument well into her fourth decade. But, as you can see from the images, she is in remarkably good condition and plays beautifully. 
The ageing of the wood ensures that deep rich, warm hollow body sound that makes these vintage guitars so sought after. This incredible resonance – which only comes with the passing of time - means that you can have the cool looks and the sound. You don’t need to compromise on either. 
These Rickenbackers are extremely hard to find in this age and in this condition. 
The guitar comes with its original Rickenbacker hard case. This gorgeous classic has been painstakingly set up ready for sale by guitar guru Simon Bamber in Bristol. 
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