1977 Fender Telecaster Deluxe in natural 

The coolest looking of all Fender guitars with those amazing seventies humbuckers. 
Code FTD001N 
Price - £ 2999.00 
Back in the early 1970s, Fender were looking to build on their position as market leader by developing a guitar that could stand toe to toe with Gibson and offer the thick, punchy tone that their existing single coil pickups could not deliver. Looking at this stunning 40 year old guitar, humbuckers ready for action, you can see exactly why so many guitar aficionados rate this as the coolest, most powerful looking Fender ever built. It looks as fresh today as it did back when punk was taking off. New wave bands were demanding the extra thickness of sound and presence that their aggression demanded and here was the tool with which to do it.. 
Now you too can have the drop dead cool looks and the amazing sound that these great guitars have provided for some of the biggest names in the game. Our beauty has the widened Stratocaster type headstock with that characteristic Telecaster body. Remember, this is an original guitar from the original production run that finished in 1978. This is not one of the 2003 re issues that player demand caused Fender to relaunch 25 years later. This is the original work of art that has been imitated but never matched. 
This Telecaster Deluxe gives you everything you could possibly want. The sound is just sensational and our friendly guitar tech wondered if he could keep it once he had plugged it in ! The fretboard is simply terrific, smooth, fast and a joy to play. 
This is a beautiful guitar which has obviously been gigged. The body is in very good condition for a 40 year old guitar. There are no major bangs, gouges or scratches but of course this is a vintage instrument so you will have the normal wear commensurate with that age. 
There are plenty of light grazes to the chrome parts and the odd bump here and there. The chrome Fender backplate has plenty of rash as you would expect after so long. There are the odd little grazes around and about but you would be amazed how great she looks after so long. 
The guitar has been painstakingly set up for Macca Guitars by Bristol guitar tech Simon Bamber so that it plays perfectly straight out of the case. 
The guitar comes with a newer Telecaster fur lined hard case. 
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