2012 Fender Custom Shop Sheryl Crow Telecaster in Sunburst Finish 

2012 Fender Custom Shop Sheryl Crow Telecaster in Sunburst Finish. 
Code FTCS59SC 
Price - £ 5795.00 
Iconic guitar – You already know what this is or you wouldn’t be looking! 
Way back in 1959 Fender released a custom version of the already household name Telecaster. This was a major statement for the manufacturer with the beautiful new Custom Telecaster featuring top and back body binding. It became a classic and is Number 21 of Vintage Guitar Magazine’s 25 most valuable guitars. The chances are that you are not likely to be able to afford an original one any time soon. 
However, some thirty five years later, in 1994 to be exact, Sheryl Crow owned a cheaper reissue of this legendary guitar. On the eve of her first major tour, in St Louis, Sheryl had most of her equipment stolen, including her Custom Telecaster reissue. By the time her band reached our beloved Texas – Austin – she had been using a back up guitar. Backstage there a fan offered her the use of his family guitar : a beautiful ( and original ) sunburst 1959 Custom Telecaster. The fan explained that the guitar belonged to his mother who had always expressed a desire for the guitar to continue its musical journey and for it to be played rather than stored. This original antique 1959 guitar has been the mainstay of Sheryl Crow’s career ever since. 
In 2011 the instrument was brought to the Fender Custom Shop and was recreated in meticulous detail. When the first replica was sent to Sheryl for approval, she mistook it for the original, so brilliant is the reproduction. The original 1959 Custom Telecaster was safely placed into storage and now Sheryl uses replica number 1. There were only ever 60 replicas made. 
Now, the reason you want to own this is not because of Sheryl Crow the guitar player – no,no,no. This fantastic back story explains how close, how exact to the most minute of detail, this 1959 Custom Telecaster is to an original 1959 Custom Telecaster. Right down to the playwear and the aged appearance of the original – this is THE guitar for that Fender Telecaster sound. You could search a lifetime for it – or pay 6 figures finding it. This is the most tactile, wonderful looking instrument. Believe us, you will find a connection with this guitar – it is not just physically beautiful , with the aged wood and superb workmanship, it plays incredibly and – even unplugged – resonates and sings like nothing else. 
The build of this guitar was overseen by Fender's Custom Shop master builder Dale Wilson so you know she has to be perfect from the get go. That’s his signature you can see on the back of the headstock. She is made from lightweight, double-bound, hand-selected alder. You will note the period correct carve of the neck as well as the vintage bridge (with three brass saddles) and of course the authentic bone nut. She is a beautiful Faded Chocolate Three Colour Sunburst with an oval “C” shaped maple neck, rosewood fingerboard with vintage-style frets. This is a true vintage sounding Telecaster as you would expect from the Vintage '63 Tele single-coil pickups. She comes with exquisite case candy ( in a beautiful limited edition vintage hardshell case ). 
This is one of the rarest guitars we have ever come across. There were only ever 60 of these perfect replicas made and, as far as we know, there is not another one available anywhere in the world right now. She is as new and you will have endless hours of pleasure just looking at her, let alone playing her. 
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