1966 Fender Telecaster in Natural wood finish. 

1966 Fender Telecaster in Natural wood finish. 
Beautiful vintage guitar which has that unique sixties sound. A rare opportunity to own a reasonably priced example. 
Code FT00766. 
Price - £ 3599.00 
Well here we are again back at the birth of rock. The Telecaster is probably the best guitar ever made. And this beauty plays superbly. It has all of the Tele tone you need and a wonderfully smooth rosewood fingerboard. This is not the reissue version – this is an original 1966 vintage guitar. 
This is a guitar which has obviously been gigged. She has been refinished – we think she was probably blonde at one stage. The body is in great condition for a nearly 50 year old guitar. The colour is very rich – as you can see it has a lovely deep colour to the wood. 
The frets have been re fretted but are in very good condition. The neck pick up is later. The bridge pick up is original. Diagonal body routing and neck notch typical of the 1966 Telecaster. Pots are non original. 
There are no major bangs, gouges or scratches but of course this is a vintage instrument so you will have the normal wear commensurate with that age. There are some swirls of course and the odd bump here and there. The chrome Fender backplate has plenty of rash as you would expect after so long. There are some marks around the headstock. There are the odd little grazes around and about but you would be amazed how great she looks after so long. 
The trade off of course is, despite the odd mark, you also have the lovely patina that only comes as the wood matures. The ageing of the wood ensures that deep rich, warm hollow body sound that makes these guitars so sought after. This amazing resonance – which only comes with the passing of time - means that you can have the cool looks and the sound. You don’t need to compromise on either. 
These are extremely hard to find in this age and in this condition. 
The guitar comes with the original hard case. The case is over 50 years old and heavily gigged but has real character and kudos. 
This is a gorgeous classic with the 5 decades old DNA to match. 
No collection is complete without an original Tele - and this one not only looks amazing ( and distinctive ) but also sounds superb. This is a lovely example of an iconic instrument with a character and history that is unique to its wood and its frets. Remember, this is a nearly 50 years old made in USA guitar. 
She has been carefully set up ready for sale by guitar guru Simon Bamber in Bristol. 
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