2004 Fender Telecaster 1952 reissue - in stunning Butterscotch Blonde. 

Landmark guitar that shaped the course of rock and roll. One of the greatest guitars ever made. Period. 
Code FT006 
Price - £ 1369.00 
This lovely guitar is an authentic USA made Telecaster which is now 14 years old. She has all of the original features which Fender took great care to follow meticulously when preserving the legacy and heritage of these great instruments. These guitars show amazing attention to detail and used original tooling dies as well as the recreation of the original vintage colours when going the extra mile with the 1952 reissue concept. 
The 1952 reissue is the go to guitar if you are looking for the authentic Telecaster sound. And this blonde beauty is already bedded in and plays beautifully. Plug her in to a valve amp with some decent gain and you have the sound of rock and roll right there. And even without an amplifier you can just feel the playability and easy action of this gorgeous example. 
Authentic specification with all of the phenomenal sounds you would expect – and you had better believe this because Fender invested serious resources in making these 52 reissues look and sound as brilliant as they would have done all those years ago. 
Our example has been professionally set up by Bristol guitar tech Simon Bamber so that she sounds and feels exactly as she should straight out of the case. She has a very small chip to the back edge above the strap lock. There is also a tiny mark to the headstock. There is some thumb wear to the top of the neck near the nut – more evidence of the guitar being bedded in and loosened up for you. 
This 1952 reissue comes complete with the original hard case. 
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