1982 Fender Stratocaster Dan Smith Guitar 

1982 Fender Stratocaster Dan Smith Guitar in black. 
Made in USA 
Code FS011 
Price - £ 1799.00 
These guitars are becoming harder to find as less and less players part with them. 
As you probably know, by 1980 CBS owned Fender was struggling in the market place with shoddy workmanship and appalling quality. Workers were paid by how many guitars they could produce in a day (well, what would you do ?) and this lead to a terrible reputation among players and the guitar retail community in general. 
In 1981 Dan Smith was poached from Yamaha to dramatically improve the quality of Fender guitars. He did this by reducing the guitars made at Fullerton from around 300 to less than 10 a day. To quote Dan Smith himself “ we basically shut the factory down ” to make individual guitars one by one. This beauty dates from 1982 when this process was in its earliest stages. Guitars made carefully and individually again. In 1982 Fender also launched the first vintage reissues of the 1957 and 1962 models – and the quality from this year is widely regarded as being among the very best guitars Fender ever made. Period. 
Dan Smith Stratocasters were produced in very, very low numbers at Fullerton in the USA which meant that the quality was far superior to anything post 1965 up until that time. In many ways these guitars represent a brief return to the very early days – the golden era of the Fender Stratocaster. 
So you need to own this guitar. In black, she looks so cool. She has a few minor blemishes and surface scratches to the body as you would expect for a guitar that is nearly 40 years old. 
There are 2 filled in holes on the front of the headstock where a Floyd Rose string retainer was once fitted. There is a small gouge to the back of the guitar on the horn by the strap bolt which I have tried to show. 
But the sound – well, the sound has to be heard to be believed. It gives that pure, smooth Stratocaster tone that I know you are striving for. I know because so were until we bought this guitar.The wood has opened up to give increased dynamic and a memorable vintage sound. Terrific sustain – as you would expect from an American made classic from the golden era. 
She guitar comes with the original Fender hard case and has been painstakingly set up by guitar wizard Simon Bamber. It is an exceptional guitar. 
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