fender Startocaster

Fender Stratocaster  

1993 American Fender Stratocaster Guitar in rare Caribbean Mist. 
Made in USA 
Code FS001CM 
Price - £899.00 
This amazing guitar is 25 years old now. And, if we were betting men, we would guess that she has seen far more gigs and sessions than you have been able to pack into your musical career. 
American fender Stratocaster
This American Fender Stratocaster belonged to a retired C & W band leader who headlined all over the mid states and down into Texas. It belonged to a serious guitar picker and was his main guitar of choice. Night after night, gig after gig. The colour is lovely - its is the rare Caribbean Mist that Fender only made for a limited time.  
It is a players guitar with the DNA to match. It is in surprisingly good condition for its age and use with a few marks and bumps here and there - but then again none of us look the same as we did 25 years ago either. This is a real players guitar with a character and history that is unique to its wood and its frets. 
Remember this is a 25 year old USA made guitar. Not made in Mexico. 
The guitar comes with the original Fender hard case - the case is heavily gigged and has a small crack in it. It does the job it has to do as the guitar has been worked hard for 25 years. 
American fender
fender stratocaster
Caribbean Mist fender stratocaster
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