1963 Fender Bass V1 in Sunburst 

6 string electric bass guitar - Made in USA and ultra rare in UK. 
Code FBV1 
Price - £ 5899.00. 
Your friends at Macca Guitars scour the world for great instruments so that you don’t have to – and this guitar is one of the very finest we have ever come across. You simply do not see them very often. 
The Bass V1 first appeared in 1961 and evolved from Fender’s Jazzmaster guitar, although its body shape pre dates the Jaguar which wouldn’t go into production for another year. Unusually for a bass instrument, the Bass V1 featured a tremolo arm, three pick ups and a bass cut switch. All of which made this guitar a must have for the soloing bass guitarist. 
The Bass V1 was – and is – an instrument for the player in the know and, while not a huge commercial seller, it did find widespread acclaim among surf and guitar instrumental bands of the 1960s. The additional notes in the treble register are truly liberating and elevate bass players from the root note supporter right into the centre of the sound spectrum. 
The Bass V1 was discontinued in 1975 and was available as a vintage reissue in 1995. It is a niche instrument but has a fervent cult following. You can hear the Bass V1 in the recordings of greats such as Jack Bruce, Rick Danko and John Entwistle of course. But this amazing instrument has been used by John Lennon ( The Long And Winding Road, Helter Skelter ), George Harrison ( check out the Hey Jude promo film on you tube ), Jet Harris, Peter Green, Glen Campbell and too many others to mention. And of course if you want to plug in and immediately sound like The Cure then this is the instrument to have. The funniest owner of a Fender Bass V1 is Nigel Tufnell of Spinal Tap who famously refuses to play his or even let anybody else look at it because it is so rare and precious. 
Our Bass V1 – which you CAN look at and play - has had a professional refinish many years ago. There is some minor lacquer checking. The frets are excellent. All the hardware and the pickups are original. The neck date is May 1962 and the pots date to 1963. 
This is an original and iconic Fender Bass V1 and is incredibly easy to play. You simply will not put her down once you plug her in. This is a vintage instrument which delivers a wonderful period sound. She has a few imperfections and grazes as you would expect from a working instrument that is 55 years old. But, as you can see from the images, she is in remarkably good condition and plays beautifully. The sound is wonderful and she is a joy. 
The guitar comes with the original Fender hard case from 1963 which is also in excellent condition. This gorgeous classic has been painstakingly set up ready for sale by guitar guru Simon Bamber in Bristol. 
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